Inquest Canine Detection & Security Limited comply fully with all relevant British Standards, namely the BS 8517 – 1:2016 and the BS 8517 – 2:2016 that are the Codes of Practice for the use of security and detection dogs.  Our Managing Director sits on the BS committee for the development of such Codes of Practice.

ICDS EVENTS offer three different types of detection dog teams. A pro-active search dog team which is used to search areas, vehicles, buildings & shipping containers etc. the passive search dog team trained to scan the air around static or moving persons, and the dual purpose detection dog team, specially trained to carry out the proactive and passive types of searches.

We hold on file all accreditations and training records for ALL our dogs and handlers and never deploy either until they have completed or passed the relevant training course applicable to the role they will be carrying out.  We make all these available via a link to our clients.

Sniffer dogs can be trained to detect virtually any odour in many different environments and locations.  Our dogs are trained to locate target scents on persons, in vehicles, concealed in bags or buildings and are comprisable to teams operating in the public sector.  The dogs are well trained to UK and European standards and the handlers are self motivated and experienced.  We also integrate well with other security personnel during a deployment, which makes for an overall efficient and professional experience for the client and attending public.  A full confidential written report is made available following every deployment, this is sent across to the client should they wish to receive it, we then keep it on file.

We have in place procedures and policies designed to keep our dogs safe, secure and efficient during deployments, our handlers strictly adhere to these policies as failing to do so is classed as gross misconduct and will lead to the handlers employment being terminated.  Our Canine Welfare Policy is sent across to all our clients before we engage in any deployments.

A through risk assessment and method statement is compiled ahead of every deployment, these then make up the fundamental basis of our briefings, which all handlers must attend prior to tasking of the dog.  We ask all our handlers to sign these reports to provide confirmation of their understanding.  Our Canine Management Supervisor, or her representative, who is deployed on all our canine operations, will take full responsibility for our dogs and handlers and will be the liaison between ICDS and our client’s representative on the ground. 

We make these risk assessments and method statements available to our client and by using Smart Phone technology we can send these via email as soon as they have been completed.

At the end of each event we debrief with the handlers and client to discuss our performance and any learning outcomes or practices that could make us better in future.  If any learning outcomes are identified we endeavor to put these into place ahead of our next deployment.

In addition to dog handling all our handlers are trained in drug awareness, drug identification, Misuse of Drugs Act, licensing laws, evidence handling, report writing, health & safety, basic canine first aid and conflict management.  All our handlers are SIA licensed in either Door Supervision or Close Protection.

ICDS EVENTS offers an individual, bespoke service with complete confidentiality and discretion assured.  Working in partnership with our clients, we provide a solution, which helps ensure your compliance to combating drugs in the workplace.

We do not sub contract our deployments to a 3rd party.  We are fully accountable for our actions, and those by our dogs and their handlers.

By employing the services of Drug Detection Dogs this does not mean you have a drug problem in your environment, it simply means you do not want one.


ICDS provided explosive detection and drugs detection dogs together with the enhanced search capability and profiling teams for V Festival (Weston Park) 2017.

The services provided were of a very high standard. Overall at the event the numbers of crimes were generally lower than previous years with the exception of drugs arrest that were generated by the proactive work of the ICDS team. There is no suggestion that drugs were more prevalent at this years event but it is clear that the measures in place to detect drugs entering the event were very successful.

Customers were always dealt with professional and respectfully whilst at the same time a firm stance to ensure that the event organisers security objectives were delivered and that customers were given a significant degree of reassurance about the safety of the event.

Overall an excellent service provided.


I have employed Inquest Canine on a contract basis now for the last 12 months and have built a great working relationship with them, mainly due to the dedication to the job i ask them to do.  In terms of the nuts and bolts, they have been on time for every show and gone beyond expectations in terms of their involvement, and are always on hand to give me any advice I require.  I cant recommend them highly enough.   



I operate a successful crowd management company with large scale events nationally.

one of our key strategies is crime reduction, ensuring that festival and gig goers can enjoy theirselves safely in a secure environment .

ICDS form a huge part of our Crime Reduction team working closely with our CR Manager they operate drug detection and GP Dogs alongside designated profilers to isolate the undesirable element that is invariably attracted to events with a large attendance. 

Over the past 18 months we have managed to reduce theft and violent incidents at our events significantly, this coupled with some high profile drug related arrests has strengthened our position and lead to new contracts nationally!

i can’t recommend ICDS highly enough!!


Simon McHardy

Head of Operations 

Compact Security/Compact Crowd Management

We worked with Dean Porter from Inquest Canine Detection and Security Ltd during the 2017 festival season and we found him and his staff to be helpful, accommodating and a significant asset to our security operation. Many of our requests were made late in the day and Dean went the extra mile to fulfil our requirements. We enjoyed working with ICDS very much and will look forward to working with them again in the future. We can recommend them most highly.

Harmony Blake

Festival Republic