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TELEPHONE: 0333 335 5050 or 07516 105428

Specialist in drug, explosive, pyrotechnic and firearms detection using fully trained NASDU or NTIPDU accredited sniffer dogs and fully qualified professional handlers.

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We have designed our bespoke course, which is accredited through the National Training Inspectorate for Professional Dog Users, with other accredited course syllabus in mind. 

Through our operational experiences within the detection dog private sector, and by taking direction and guidance from the NTIPDU, we believe our course to be amongst the most informative in the industry and is designed to contribute towards the required skill set, knowledge and understanding needed to effectively deploy a detection dog in an operational environment.  Our course will include classroom and scenario based learning which will teach the students how to effectively work their canine partner in a variety of environments to include:

  • Vehicle Searches

  • Building Searches

  • Open Area Searches

  • Persons Searches (Passive or Dual Purpose course Only)

  • Residential property searches

  • Workplace environments

We provide dogs that are already fully trained to carry out their detection role, so the emphasis is on the learners’ development, not the dogs.  During the course you will be paired up with your choice of available dogs, which is then yours to keep.  During the course you will be taught how to read that dogs indications and understand how it “tells” you that the presence of the target odour is in the vicinity.

Who Should Attend/Entry Requirements

A Security Industry Authority (SIA) license in either Door Supervision or Close Protection is a prerequisite of the course.  People wishing to enroll on the Detection Dog course and do not carry an SIA license will need to complete that course also.  We can arrange this for you if need be.

Security staff who are required to search vehicles, buildings, areas and/or persons for the presence of a target odour by using a canine are strongly advised to undertake this training and obtain accreditation for themselves and their detection dog. 

Course Structure

Our course consists of 150 learning hours, which we believe to be sufficient contact time between our NTIPDU accredited instructors and the students.  We will impart the knowledge and understanding, that is required to become a professional detection dog handler, through coaching, mentoring, training, demonstrations and real live scenario environmental training. 


Candidates will be required to complete theory and practical assignments covering all of the learning outcomes set out in our course.  On successful completion the learner will receive bespoke certification from ourselves, and also NTIPDU certification and accreditation for themselves and their canine partner.

Cost - POA

Price on request: includes, Fully trainied detection dog, Lunch, tea/coffee breaks, manuals, certificates and accreditation.