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ICDS can provide drug detection canines that are trained to actively seek out illicit substances in any environment.  Our sniffer dogs are trained to indicate the presence of drugs no matter the quantity, to maintain that proficiency both the dogs and their trained handlers undergo regular continual professional development training atleast once each month.  

Our passive scanning dogs are non-intrusive; when tasked to search persons they will effectively scan the air around them, not infringing that persons Human Rights. 

 With the growth in illegal drug use and the issues that arise from it, ICDS can provide you with PASSIVE DRUG DETECTION DOGS to help you to maintain a safe, secure drug-free environment.

We operate OVERTLY, using uniformed dog handlers, to provide a high profile deterrent to screen persons entering your premises or environment.  This can be carried out more discretely, by using handlers in casual dress, if preferred.

Our Dogs work passively, scanning static and moving people, to detect the most commonly used drugs falling in the Misuse Of Drugs Act 1971.

ICDS EVENTS are highly experienced in providing proactive drug detection dog teams which is why we regularly work at several secure units and NHS Resource and Recovery Hospitals.  We also carry out concession and staff vehicle searches at many UK festivals and events.

The role of a Proactive Drug Detection Dog is to detect the presence of drugs that are concealed inside cars, buildings, schools, factories, store rooms, lockers, aircraft and ships and almost any other environment

The attention to detail offered by our qualified handlers, coupled with their friendly yet professional approach helps us to ensure we represent our clients to a very high standard with public safety, customer service and discretion being high on our list of prioritie

The dog can be worked either on or off leash (if safe to do so) and will follow all commands has given by the qualified handler.

The dog is trained to indicate the presence of drugs by giving a sit or stands and stare indication. 

Team Inquest Canine