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TELEPHONE: 0333 335 5050 or 07516 105428

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Specialist in drug, explosive, pyrotechnic and firearms detection using fully trained NASDU or NTIPDU accredited sniffer dogs and fully qualified professional handlers.

Guard Dog Inquest Canine

Our Guard Dogs are NOT attack dogs, they are trained to provide a deterrent, detain persons and protect the handler. They are never let off the lead to patrol freely and will follow all commands when given by the expert security dog handler.

From many years of experience, and from listening to our clients requests, we have tailored packages for our General Purpose Security Dog & handler teams that not only give a greater presence but can on occasions reduce the number of guards or security personnel that may otherwise be required.

Using mainly the Belgian Malinois and German or Czech Shepherds and dog handlers who are trained to a minimum level 2 standard in General Purpose Security Dog Handlers approved through the National Training Inspectorate for Professional Dog Users (NTIPDU) or NASDU our General Purpose Security Dogs services offer peace of mind as well as providing a strong deterrent to would be intruders.


All our General Purpose Security Dogs and handlers undergo regular maintenance training to ensure they are always of the highest possible standards.