Inquest Canine Detection & Security Limited is committed to developing a sustainable prevention package by offering proactive, highly visible detection dog search teams using uniformed dog handlers, signage and highly trained detection dogs.

A potential major problem facing us in this day an age is the illegal use or possession of prohibited firearms and ammunition. 


With gun crime once again on the rise in the UK, and the enhanced threat from terrorist groups, we have trained all our Narcotic (Drug) Detection Dogs to find firearms, gun oil and both gunpowder or smokeless powder ammunition and bullets.  Our Pyrotechnics Detection Dogs are also trained to find potassium nitrate, meaning they will also indicate on gunpowder.  We believe this is a step towards keeping live firearms out of festivals, stadiums, shopping centres and places of work. 


Recent massacres by terror groups, armed with firearms across Europe have highlighted the potential of a possible such attack here on British soil, by providing a proactive search policy, being extra vigilant and alert to possible terrorist activity could help to keep your premises secure.