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TELEPHONE: 0333 335 5050 or 07516 105428

Our Specialist Enhance search & profiling teams have been trained to the highest standards by approved trainers with extensive experience in both training and working in these specialist roles. Taking advice and guidance from Police Search Advisers (POLSA), our teams are trained to methodically search vehicles, persons and baggage and are able to immediately identify illicit substances, weapons and life threatening devices.

Identifying fake wristbands or accreditations is within the roles of the enhance search or profiling teams.  Working closely with event organisers our staff are trained to spot wristbands that may have been tampered with, and laminates that may have been produced off site and used by criminal or those not wanting to pay to gain entry.


Our profiling teams are undercover security operatives whose main focus is on crime reduction and identifying those persons who attend festivals and events with the intention to steal or deal in illegal drugs or contraband.  Reporting back to the security coordinators these undercover operatives play a major part in evidence gathering and relaying that information back to control then coordinating a response that leads to the arrest or eviction of targeted persons or groups.